#CurrentMoodGratitute for STEAM Teacher Deanna Roberts

Deanna Roberts is always on the hunt for exciting and innovative platforms for her students. As a teacher who is well versed in technology education, Deanna knows what it takes to keep her students engaged and interested in the curriculum. After hearing of Vidcode’s Snapchat Challenge, she knew it would be the “perfect fit” for her Multimedia Productions class. In fact, the kids loved it! “The application of creating their very own Snapchat filter motivated them to want to learn more coding.”

Soon after completing the Snapchat Challenge, Deanna’s school decided to offer an Exploring Computer Science class. She knew just where to look for a learning environment. Vidcode’s Creative Coding course is the perfect solution to the challenges the school faced in incorporating this type of curriculum. The materials are up-to-date and expand on creative activities students already have an interest in (editing photos!). Furthermore, Vidcode’s compatibility across devices made integrating the curriculum easy. “Being a one-to-one school, we have a variety of devices and have had success with all!”

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Deanna uses Vidcode’s curriculum for her 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes. She first builds upon her students’ background knowledge and basic understanding of coding. Then, she “hooks” them with Vidcode’s interpreted interface. The result? Not only do her students understand and enjoy new coding concepts, they are proud of their accomplishments. As one student said, “Look Mrs. Roberts, I didn't know what coding was until I took your class but look at how good I am at it!” For Deanna, this was “music to her ears!” Vidcode’s curriculum gives students confidence and encourages them to take risks by stepping outside of their comfort zone. Deanna creates a safe, yet challenging, atmosphere by utilizing collaborative study groups so that less expressive students feel secure in sharing their successes.

Both Deanna and her students appreciate the thoughtful and constructive organization of the Vidcode curriculum. It encourages student exploration, self-pacing, collaboration and reflection, which, says Deanna, are proven strategies for academic achievement and growth. Sage, one of Deanna’s students, flourished with this type of learning structure: “"I loved how it taught you everything about anything you want to learn. I learned a lot about coding, and had fun trying out new techniques and methods. There were many parts to it, but it wasn't overwhelming, as they split each part up into units and lessons where you got to apply what you learned." Another student, Ethan, loved this introduction to programming and is expanding his knowledge outside of school: “I did Vidcode in one of my school classes and since then I have spent time coding with my brother. When I have free time in school I will code for fun and Vidcode is a great way to do that. I learned so much."

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Teachers like Deanna are instrumental in inspiring confidence in students. Through their creativity and dedication, these educators continue to empower students to pursue their passions. Thank you for your invaluable hard work!


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