Who is Vidcode?

Vidcode is a female founded company with a mission to build a rigorous and creative online coding experience that appeals to all students. Today, Vidcode is used by over a million students all over the world.

What is Vidcode?

Vidcode is a 3rd-12th grade web-based JavaScript platform that teaches coding through media computation.

So what do students make?

Students code video filters, video games, special effects, celebrity name generators, haunted houses, simulations and more! Check out examples of student work.

What’s included in the program?

Over 300 hours of standards-aligned lesson plans, tutorials, practice, discussion, assessments and project ideas.

Is Vidcode effective?

Yes! Vidcode is research-backed from outside organizations such as WestEd and New Knowledge.

What is the programming language taught?

Are you Standards Aligned?

Yes, Vidcode is also aligned with Common Core, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), AP Computer Science Principle standards, ISTE Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Can I use Vidcode with other coding programs?

Vidcode can be used as a standalone course or integrated with other non-coding courses.

Is this student-led?

All of the tutorials are student-led, but there are also tools for teachers to lead discussions, presentations and unplugged activities outside of the tutorials.

There isn’t a computer science teacher at my school to teach this course.

That's totally fine! Our teacher tools are created for non-technical teachers to use to run a coding course and assess work.

What courses do you offer?

Creative Coding 1, Creative Coding 2, Creative Coding 3, Cross-disciplinary and AP Computer Science Principles. Get a course breakdown.

Do I need to download a program to use Vidcode?
No downloads are necessary as the program is accessible through a website.

What do I need to run Vidcode?

Desktop or laptop, web browser (Chrome recommended), and an internet connection.

Can Vidcode run on a Chromebook?


How about a tablet?

Also yes!

Is Vidcode LTI-compliant?

Yes! Vidcode can be integrated into your LMS, and has built-in integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft.

Do I need to know Javascript to teach Vidcode?
No prior knowledge of coding is necessary for the teacher to use Vidcode in their classroom. In fact, we often work with teachers who are teaching code for the first time.

Do you have free materials?

We have 10 hours of free activities available when you create an account. Sign up at https://app.vidcode.com/signup

Wait, I still have questions!

No problem, you can request a time to speak with our team here.