Engaging computer science courses for every student in your district

Join thousands of districts already learning to code through amazing creative projects! Courses are student-led and allow non-technical teachers to step into the role of facilitator.

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Level Class periods Grade Club/ Elective Stand-alone Class Integratable into existing class Teacher prep needed
Creative Coding 1 Beg 40 4-12 * * * low
Creative Coding 2 Int 40 5-12 * * low
Creative Coding 3 Adv 40 6-12 * low
Cross-disciplinary Beg 8 6-9 * medium
AP Computer Science Principles Beg 180 11-12 * high
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Our K-12 standards aligned classroom-in-a-box is used for at-home learning, upper elementary, middle school, and high school classes around the world.


Dedicated course or unit

Start a new computer science class or expand existing technology classes



Support other subject areas with easy-to-integrate computer science units


After school club or summer camp

Creative packages specifically for clubs