Back to School with Code

With such high demand for computer science courses in schools, teachers across the world have stepped up to make sure their students have access to these learning opportunities. These educators work to provide up-to-date tools for their classrooms, regardless of whether they themselves have a traditional technology background. We are honored to work with these dedicated teachers in increasing the number of students interested in STEAM subjects.

The start of the new school year is almost upon us and we have some back to school tips to help you be at your most ready. Follow along to make the most of your Vidcode curriculum!


1. Create a class

To get started, you can create a brand new class for the year and add your students. Students sign up using their Google accounts - just use the link in your teacher dashboard to add them to your class.


2. Plan ahead

Review lesson plans ahead of time: simply click “Lesson Plans” in the left-hand menu and you will have access to all your unit material.


3. Explore free tutorials

Check out our newest free tutorial, End Plastic Pollution! The goal of this coding lesson is to increase students’ awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and is perfect for beginners.

free coding tutorials

Are your students ready for the next step? A great tutorial for students with coding experience is another Hour of Code lesson: Eclipse! Explore all of the free activities by assigning "Free Activities" to a class from your Teacher Dashboard.


4. Get in the Back-to-School spirit

Get your students excited for the year of coding with a popular activity that lets them code back-to-school Snapchat filters. Use these links to for the activity, lesson plans, and a gallery of past projects:

Want more? Go even further with our Creative Coding One course. This course introduces students to the essential foundations of computer science and basic programming with a focus on identifying how code connects to and can enhance their existing interests. Learn all about Creative Coding 1!

Happy coding and good luck with the start of the year!