Computer Science for All Summit 2017

On October 16-17, 2017, Vidcode will join the nationwide community of computer science educators, researchers, activists, and supporters at the 2017 CSforAll Summit to celebrate progress and announce new commitments to reach the goal of access to inclusive, rigorous, and sustainable computer science education for all U.S. students both in and out of school.

Commitments from more than 100 organizations will be announced. Here is Vidcode's:

Vidcode will work with partners to expand creative CS programming to over 10,000 students in Kansas, Arkansas, and South Dakota; work with Girl Scouts of New York will to expand their partnership to empower 150 additional middle school girls to learn to code; and reach 5,000 new students around the world by the end of 2018 through new suite of VR coding projects.


The CSforAll Summit is organized by the CSforALL Consortium, a collaborative community of more than 400 partner organizations, and the national hub for the Computer Science for All movement. Details can be found at

The Vidcode team is honored to be a sponsor for the CSforALL Consortium 2017 and thrilled to continue the push to bring computer science to all students!

<3 The Vidcode Team