New Possibilities With Code!

Vidcode, the creative learn to code platform, just got better. SO MANY changes to the Vidcode site went live TODAY!
So what's new? Well...


A new project, Famous Filters, is now available for everyone!

Instagram style filters

Learn how to create Instagram-style video filters with JavaScript, save them, switch them, and share them with your friends (learning about variables along the way).




All the projects are new(ish)!

JavaScript dance party

We've been working with the incredible Dr. Em (dancing above) to make all of our projects more fun and intuitive. Every single project tutorial has been rewritten, go check them out.


Is that all? Not yet! We're also releasing a brand new JavaScript effects library.

What does that mean? It means that everything you've always wanted to do (invert your video colors, change text, make effects and creatures with shapes, select infinite graphics) is now possible with code! Read the documentation to learn about all the new possibilities, and check out some of the new projects below!

Uptown funk music video
hex codes


Finally, we're releasing a new media library.

Every movie, photo and graphic you upload gets saved to your account - no more uploading photos and videos every time you want to create a new project. It also means that you can add photos and graphics to all projects, not just specific ones like Meme Maker!



Start coding with our new tools!

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