We partnered with Amy Poehler's Smart Girls & 92Y and hosted by YouTube Space to throw and incredible video + code hackathon on April 25th!


girls learning to code with their friends


On April 25th, 30 girls entered the Youtube Space, and spent the day working with computer science and Youtube creator mentors to film and code their own Youtube channel trailers!

Teams participated in an Intro to JavaScript workshop, as well as workshops on content creation and filmmaking! Then they jumped into storyboarding their ideas, working with their creator mentors to make a killer trailer.

Then, they went upstairs and worked with their computer science mentors to add effects and graphics to their videos using JavaScript!

Teams won for best use of code, best story, aesthetics, and more! Check out all the FINAL VIDEOS that the teams made, we think they're pretty fantastic!

Ready to go make your own Vidcode? Make one now for a chance to become our video of the week!


creative girls learn to code at Youtube
smart girls learning to code

Photos by Youtube Space NY