Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.


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New! Plastic Pollution PSA

Intermediate | Grades 6+ | JavaScript | 1 hour
The goal of this Hour of Code lesson is to increase students' awareness of the problem of plastic pollution, and the growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Students will create a project to help promote awareness of the Ocean's plight.

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New! Design Your own Typeface

Beginner | Grades 6+ | JavaScript | 1 hour
Type has more elements than you may have realized! Students will use shapes to create their own typeface. Circulate to make sure students understand the different arguments used in creating shapes and which properties can be modified using dot notation.

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Code the Eclipse

Intermediate | Grades 6+ | JavaScript | 1 hour
A solar eclipse is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena we can observe in our lives, and now we're going to simulate the solar eclipse with JavaScript! Looking at the eclipse as a system of moving parts, we can deconstruct the problem into bite-sized chunks, using objects with methods, loops, and conditionals to make an interactive app that models our observations.

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Code the News

Beginner | Grades 6+ | JavaScript | 1-2 hours
It’s the HOC News! Videos and graphics are all about tech, diversity, kids, and coding. Finished projects can be uploaded to school website as the report on the HOC itself. Teachers can encourage students to use the news to report on what they learned, or a statistic for their school. “Breaking News: 400 students at Roosevelt participate in the Hour of Code”

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Bestie Greeting Card

Beginner |Grades 2+ | JavaScript | 1 hour
Learn how to make a greeting card with JavaScript! You will learn how to manipulate your own videos by accessing each and every pixel and telling it what to do with CODE! You can also upload and record your own footage to personalize the experience. Created in partnership with GSGNY.

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Climate Science & Code

Beginner | Grades 6+ | JavaScript | 1-2 hours
Students research a fact about the Earth's climate, engaging with the work of scientists and artists in response to climate change. Students take their research and plan a video sharing their fact. Videos can be about understanding climate changes and its effects, public responses to the climate change effects, how climate change impacts everyday life and what actions can you take to make a difference. More teacher prep time needed than other tutorials.

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Unplugged Activities

Computer Drawing Project

Grades 2+
Students (programmers) draw a picture, and take turns giving the class (the computers) steps to recreate their drawing. A great off-the-computer introduction to how programming works.


Input and Output, Math Activity

Grades 6+
Connect functions to both math and real world problems.


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