TEKS aligned coding courses

Vidcode PD is also available.  We offer top rated professional development for our TEKS aligned digital media, computer science I and cross-disciplinary coding courses.

Computer Science I (TEKS aligned with micro credentialing)

In Vidcode’s Computer Science I course, students learn the fundamentals of computer science and programming in JavaScript. Special attention is given to encouraging students to dentify as a programmer and using code to enhance and personalize visual media. Students also earn about different applications of JavaScript programming including interactivity, algorithms, game creation and data art. We provide micro-credentialing for this course.  

AP Computer Science Principles (TEKS + College board aligned)

Vidcode’s AP CS Principles course covers the fundamentals of the web, computer science, and programming in JavaScript in an interactive, engaging format. Students learn through modules that keep the focus on creativity and social impact. The course meets high school students where they are, encouraging them to make connections to their daily life and careers in any field. Vidcode’s focus is on teaching students that anyone can be a programmer. We provide micro-credentialing for this course. 

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