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About Vidcode

Vidcode teaches teen girls computer programming by enabling them to customize Instagram videos with code.  

Users can upload their videos, code their own effects, and share them with friends. 


Vidcode began with shared passions. The first was a love for what we do. Tech is creative and exciting. Yet, as women professionals in computer science, we felt a mutual chagrin that tech is still so male-dominated. This led us to the second passion – to find a way to teach girls that coding and working in tech is creative and cool! So we spoke with girls. We learned about the disconnect girls feel from computer science classes (we knew how that felt), and the misperceptions they hold, i.e., tech is boring. Soon after, we created VidCode, a video coding app designed with girls in mind that is not only self-expressive, but paired with a hobby girls love – creating and sharing videos. As we continue to test and introduce VidCode, one thing is clear; girls love it!


Alexandra Diracles, Co-founder & CEO

Alexandra's background as a photographer, educator, and previous founder give her a unique advantage to build media-oriented learning platform for teenage girls.  Alexandra was never introduced to technology at a young age, and didn't know her passion for creativity could be an entry point to learning programming.  She discovered code in her late twenties, by accident, and has loved it ever since.  Technology is the future and she doesn't want our high school girls to miss out on the fun.

MPS, Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU '14)

BFA, Photography & Imaging (NYU '07)


Melissa Halfon, Co-Founder & CTO

Melissa has loved and thrived in mathematics for as long as she can remember. Her passion for math led her to a career in software development due to the seamless connection to problem solving. Most recently, she worked as a software developer in the financial industry where she built trading algorithms for a multi-million-dollar equity trading desk. She is constantly working to pave the way for today's girls to the fill the roles they deserve in the technology workforce and beyond.

BS, Mathematics (University of Michigan '07)