A coding class in a box

Trusted by administrators, Easy for teachers, Fun for students

Curriculum built around what students love

Students learn to code by making video special-effects, Snapchat and Instagram-inspired filters, memes and more!

Easy for non-technical teachers

Customizable to meet your district’s needs

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Coding Platform

The next step after Scratch or drag & drop coding

Bite-sized tutorials

Designed to be inclusive

Students can upload and use their own graphics, videos, and audio


Aligned and data-driven

Clearly track and analyze student outcomes

Standards aligned curriculum (CCSS, NGSE, CSTA, CS K-12 Framework)

Full lesson plans for each activity


Curriculum Pathway Customized to You

Get curriculum recommendations specific to your school

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What do teachers have to say?

You can get crazy and creative, and I’ve enjoyed it so much.
Being able to think “what do I want to code today,” and be able to see it come alive.
— Elisa, Mayfield High School Student - watch her story below
The students were so excited they didn’t want to go to their next class, which was air conditioned. Thanks for making it fun for them with this program. The level of engagement is astonishing.
— Mr. Gianninoto, Teacher, NY


Vidcode has been an ideal partner for our Creative Coding offering. Like us, they maintain a strong commitment to ensuring the widest range of students experience coding in a meaningful context; that kids see coding as a form of self-expression; and that any teacher can easily introduce coding and its associated skills. Vidcode’s project-based approach dovetails seamlessly with that of our student creation tools, and we continue to hear incredible feedback on its unique blend of scaffolding and experimentation. We’ve loved collaborating with the team - they’re truly inspiring and energizing.
— BrainPOP



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