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Students learn to code by making video special-effects, Snapchat and Instagram-inspired filters, memes and more!

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Coding Platform

The next step after Scratch or drag & drop coding

Bite-sized tutorials

Designed to be inclusive

Students can upload and use their own graphics, videos, and audio


Aligned and data-driven

Clearly track and analyze student outcomes

Standards aligned curriculum (CCSS, NGSE, CSTA, CS K-12 Framework)

Full lesson plans for each activity


Curriculum Pathway for 4th - 12th Grade Students

Creative Coding 1

40 hours

Design and Technology

80-100 hours

Cross-disciplinary Units

Time varies

Creative Coding 2 and 3

80 hours

AP CS Principles

80-100 hours

Creative Coding 1

40 hours, 4 Units
Introductory course, 4th - 9th grades

Students learn the fundamentals of programming and JavaScript through the creation of personalized digital projects. Special emphasis is put on identity, character, and collaboration.
The project on the right was created by a student in Unit 1 in a tutorial covering variables and properties.

The students were so excited they didn’t want to go to their next class, which was air conditioned. Thanks for making it fun for them with this program. The level of engagement is astonishing.
— Mr Gianninoto, Teacher


I tried other platforms—and found them cold, distant, too adult. Vidcode is so young and vibrant. It gives students a sense of ownership. Vidcode is wonderfully visual and students don’t get left behind, as can easily happen on other platforms. I want students to leave a lesson feeling comfortable with JavaScript. Scratch is a great introduction to code, but there has to be a natural way to tackle the barrier to learning a serious language—Vidcode carries them over that barrier.
— Sybil, United Kingdom



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