Resources to spread the word about Tech Jam, Hour of Code, and Computer Science Education Week



What is Computer Science Education Week?

Computer Science Education Week is a chance to inform students about and celebrate computer science (CS). Only 5% of schools nation-wide offer students the opportunity to take a rigorous CS course.  CS Education Week is meant to provide a time for schools, teachers, and communities to set aside a small amount of time devoted to exposing students to a greater realm of CS opportunities than they experience every day. For students in a CS class, CS Education Week is a way to enrich the course content with information from colleges and companies, and where students can meet professionals from outside the school who use CS to solve problems.


What is a Tech Jam?

A Tech Jam is a model event for a community or school to celebrate computer science.  The recipe for the Jam includes recommendations for interactive activities, information that can be shared with students, teachers, parents, or community members, and suggestions for connecting with your local technology community.  A Tech Jam can be focused on a particular grade level, or be a larger community celebration. Tech Jam samples should indicate what level participants (grade, reading level, etc.) will benefit from the activities suggested.



Use these participation guides to help you organize and spread information about organizing and participating in a Tech Jam or Hour of Code.




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  • #HourofCode
  • #GSGNY
  • #Vidcode
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  • #GirlScoutsTroops_TechJam
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Vidcode and Girl Scouts of Greater NY are pleased to present a Tech Jam designed with teen girls in mind! #CSEdweek

A Tech Jam is a coding event in a box!  Try coding your videos during #CSEdWeek!  Get started here:

Create your own video greeting card with CODE!  The #GSGNY #vidcode Tech Jam is here!

Learn the science behind digital imaging!  Code your own photos & videos with the GirlScoutGNY and Vidcode Tech Jam!

Celebrate Computer Science Education week by hacking your photos + videos with CODE!  Learn JavaScript as you create effects.

Girl scout troops across the country are coding this Dec 7-13!  Join the fun + start your own coding community.

Try the Girl Scouts of Greater New York + Vidcode #CSTechJam.  Create ur own Instagram-style video filters w/ code.


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