Design & Technology Course

online or blended class

Design with Vidcode introduces technology, coding and art to students through the lens of design.

 It reviews fundamentals of design and teaches the language designers use. Working in pairs and group critiques are encouraged during this class. Vidcode will be used as a canvas to apply creative solutions to design challenges.


Our courses are developed in cohesion with one another, and as stand-alone environments.  Each project is open ended and allows for continual experiment and interaction. We use NO video tutorials and provide skill building quizzes, assessment, challenge problems and unit tests.

The curriculum is designed for a semester long course that meets five days per week though schools implement this in a variety of ways!


The Vidcode Design and Technology course is built for complete beginners in middle or high school.  We provide extended learning modules for more advanced students who may move through the material more quickly.


Students learn the fundamentals of computer programming with an emphasis on visual design concepts!


Course Overview

Unit 1

Learn the language of visual design

  • Variables
  • Order of Operations
  • x-y grid activity ideas
  • Object, Property, Method

Example project: Make a Meme

Unit 2 

Composition and Photography

  • Array and Index
  • Function, Argument, Property

Example project: Video postcard

Unit 3 

Build a narrative 

  • for statements, 
  • loops and repeat blocks

Make your own typeface with code


Unit 4

  • Conditionals (if-else statements)

An informational video with graphics on a topic your students care about