Your students create Instagram-style filters, memes and music videos while learning to code. 





Tutorials at your students’ pace

1. Stop Motion: Beginner

2. Special Effects: Intermediate

3. Animate a Rainbow: Advanced


Award-Winning Software

Selected as one of the Best Learning Websites of 2015

Best Education Websites and Resources 2015
Learn-to-code programs for kids too often give a narrow definition of what can actually be created with code; Vidcode expands the options, helping girls (and boys) see the value of code in the greater context of our culture. The program allows for quick creation, using kids’ own photos and videos for built-in engagement and a personal touch.
— Common Sense Media

Our tools make it easy to teach (and learn)

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Step-by-step curriculum

Ready-to-go curriculum helps you confidently teach your students logical-thinking skills, even if you don’t have much (or any) programming experience.

Teacher training courses

Our teacher training course will help you teach programming in a way that relates to your students’ interests (and will teach you to code, if you’re just getting started).

Teacher tools

Track your student's’ progress, grade and view their work, all in one place.

I really enjoyed using Vidcode and sharing that skill and style of thinking with kids.

I will also say that as a person with NO background in computer science, I found it to be an awesome learning experience and totally accessible to teach to my class.
— Ms. Soloman, Oakland USD 6th grade teacher

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