Coaching & Curriculum

For new Computer Science Teachers

Is there a teacher in your school that is teaching computer science for the first time? Vidcode’s Coaching Program was created to support these teachers this school year!

We provide:

  • 30 minute personalized virtual coaching session every week

  • A virtual course built with teachers in mind

    • The course covers best CS teaching practices and walks teachers through learning to code themselves

  • Access to Vidcode’s creative coding curriculum and platform

  • Student licenses for the 19-20 school-year

Teachers are supported every step of the way, and your students learn to code through a research-proven computer science curriculum designed for new CS teachers. Over 18,000 teachers new to coding have used Vidcode to run computer science classes.

Why Vidcode?


I will also say that as a person with NO background in computer science, I found it to be an awesome learning experience and totally accessible to teach to my class. ”
— Sam, Teacher at Oakland Unified
You can get crazy and creative, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Being able to think “what do I want to code today,” and be able to see it come alive.
— Elisa, Student at Mayfield High School

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