Science Classes in Fremont UniFIed Learn About Atoms & Molecules Through Creativity & Code

While trying to find ways to incorporate creativity into his chemistry class, a California science teacher discovered Vidcode. Inspired by the Vidcode stop-motion project, a project that introduces JavaScript arrays, he gave his students the assignment to draw a stop-motion animation showing the relationship between atoms, molecules, elements and compounds. His classes created over one hundred videos on this topic! 

Using the Vidcode classroom gallery, students from different classes could see what others had created, and used it as inspiration in their own projects.


Fontbonne HALL Academy Girls Raise their Voices about Climate Change through Code

Nearly 200 girls attending Fontbonne Hall Academy in New York City took part in the Girls Code 4 Climate @EDU Award, run as a Contribution to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The girls worked in groups to research facts about the Earth's climate, and recorded videos on topics such as public responses to climate change, how climate changes impacts the everyday life of them and their peers, and the actions they can take to make a difference.

Students uploaded their videos into the Vidcode coding workstation, and used JavaScript to add graphics and effects to their videos. Once they were done, the class shared their videos with other using their classroom gallery, showing others what they had learned and the code they had used.

View some of the student videos below.


Tech Jams with Girl Scouts of greater New York Connect Code to Art

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Girl Scouts of Greater New York teamed up with Vidcode to run Tech Jams throughout New York City, using Vidcode's Hour of Code to introduce girls to computer science through creating a bestie greeting card. 

Tech Jam included activities beyond just Hour of Code. Girls went off the computer, and used resources Vidcode provided to learn computer science fundaments by 'programming' their friends to draw pictures or do dance moves in a certain order, with 'code' that they had written.


After spending the day at the CS Tech Jam, Girl Scout Anyia Smith said "When I think of girls, I think of almost anything."

Visit the Tech Jam Hall of Fame to see the videos created during CS Ed Week.