Code Your Pixels

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Teachers of all content areas: integrate computer programming into your existing curricula with a free mini-course from Vidcode!

Instead of a powerpoint or diorama, reinforce learning through code. Whether it’s the lifecycle of a frog or a PSA on climate change, students make video and photo projects with code through self-guided projects. No programming experience needed for teachers or students. We’ll show you how to easily integrate coding into any subject area. 

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1. Filters


1 Hour
Activity: Emotion/Time period
Concepts: Functions, arguments, sequences
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2. Make a Meme

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.49.24 PM.png

1 Hour
Activity: Vocabulary
Concepts: Variables, objects, properties
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3. Stop Motion

4. Sandbox


1 Hour
Activity: Slideshow/before & after
Concepts: Arrays, properties
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1 Hour
Activity: Free code
Concepts: Objects, properties, functions, arguments, variables
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